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Welcome to Light + LED Expo India 2024! Unveiling the future of lighting

Get ready to be dazzled by the cutting-edge brilliance of lighting design and technology at Light + LED Expo India 2024, the country's premier showcase for the industry.  This industry-favorite event promises to be an illuminating journey, brimming with unparalleled business prospects, exclusive knowledge exchange programs, and the chance to mingle with the who's who of the lighting world.

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Step into a kaleidoscope of innovation as you navigate the expo floor, encountering a multitude of exhibitors displaying their latest and greatest creations. Witness a spectrum of lighting solutions, from cutting-edge LED technology to sustainable lighting fixtures, architectural marvels, and artistic masterpieces that redefine the very concept of illumination.

Forge connections and spark collaborations! At Light + LED Expo India 2024, you'll have the opportunity to network with a vibrant community of lighting professionals, from manufacturers and distributors to designers, architects, and end-users. This is your chance to forge valuable connections, strike strategic partnerships, and discover potential clients and collaborators who can illuminate your path to success.

A glimpse of the successful 2022 edition

Fair Impressions

  • The largest showcase of trendsetting products under diversified segments
  • A preferred destination for exciting innovations in smart lighting products and solutions
  • Ample opportunities to establish business and build new avenues
  • Meet and network with the global players of the industry

Industry speaks

It is very promising to see all the innovations and latest stages of development here at Light + LED Expo India, which lends a lot of attention to human-centric lighting, energy efficiency drivers and sustainability challenges that we all face.

We have got more than 600 – 700 good leads at this exhibition. It is certainly a great platform to showcase your company or introduce your brand in the market.

The show has been organised beautifully. A number of OEMs and suppliers have visited this platform and we are really happy to see that. We have committed our participation in the next show today itself

Post show report

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